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Welcome to the interesting world of beer cap collecting!

My name is Rainer Wiltz, I am from Austria and I work as a software developer. I started collecting beer caps at the beginning of 1998 and I would like to share my hobby with everybody who is also interested in collecting beer caps.

My focus is on collecting beer caps, but I collect also non-beer bootle caps. On my site I present you my collection of

21.930 beer caps from 161 different countries
and 9684 other bottle caps from 140 countries

which makes a total of 31.614 bottle caps in my collection

Just enjoy the art and diversity of the bottle caps or use this site to help you identify your unknown beer caps and bottle caps. If you have some time, please take also a look at my own unknown beer caps in my collection so that I can make this information available to all bottle cap collectors.

World Map
Austria has about 70 breweries with more than 360 brands.

You can contact me either using my contact form or by sending an email
(Please add one of the following words to the subject of your mail: beer, trade, cap, Bier, tausch, Kronkorken)

or by writing a letter to:

Rainer Wiltz
Edisonstraße 9
A-4614 Marchtrenk