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As a bottle cap collector like you I am always very happy if I can increase my bottle cap collection. So I am always looking for other collectors interrested in trading caps.

I can offer you mostly Austrian bottle caps and also international bottle caps, both non beer caps as well as beer caps.I exchange one bottle cap for one!

I prefer "quality" trading with preselection from scans or images on a one to one base.

I am interested in all bottle caps I don't have in my collection. Preferably I want:
  1. older Austrian beer caps or Austrian beer caps I don't have.
  2. beer caps from countries were I have currently no beer caps.
  3. Coca Cola bottle caps or other bottle caps from the Coca Cola Company (Fanta, Sprite, ..).
  4. all other bottle caps I do not already have.

If you are interested in trading with me, please use my contact form or send me an email so that I can send you some scans with my trading material and we can arrange a trade.

Please add one of the following words to the subject of your mail: beer, trade, cap, Bier, tausch, Kronkorken