Here I report about my bottle cap trading activities.
Maybee you, as a collector, are also interested in trading beer or bottle caps to increase your bottle cap collection.

A happy new year!

Januar 3rd, 2018

A happy new year to all collectors!

After some time of inactivity I started this year with a nice trade.

And the next four bottle cap trades finished!

Juni 16th, 2011

This time I have to say thanks to my bottle cap trading partners:

Mike from Australia

Alessandro from Italy

Jan from Germany

Eberhard from Germany

Thanks for the great trades and the beautyful new bottle caps I traded with you.

With this trades I have finished 34 trades till now.

Four bottle cap trades finished!

Mai 18th, 2011

This month already four trades have been finished.

Thanks to:

  • Günther from Germany
  • Elija from Germany
  • Slawomir from Poland
  • Sidney jr. from Brasil

Thanks a lot for hte great trades and the new caps for my collection!

With this four trades I have finished 30 trades for this year.

Thanks for trading!

Thanks to Bernardo and Marcel

Mai 4th, 2011

Thanks to Bernardo from Italy and Marcel from Germany for the great trades.

Bernardo supplied me with some nice beer caps and thanks to Marcel I got my missing Karamalz Rio bottle cap to complete my Rio bottle cap set from Karamalz.

With this two trades I finished in April with 26 trades for this year.

Thanks for trading!

Thanks to Günther from Germany for the trade.

April 13th, 2011

Thanks to Günther I have a lot of new beer bottle caps from Germany and I have also completed the blue Störtebecker Leuchtürme set with the last missing bottle cap.

Thanks to Arne from Czech Rebuplic for the bottle cap trade

April 7th, 2011

Thanks Arne for our great bottle cap trade.

I have got some nice new bottle caps from Arne.

Thanks to Günther from Germany

April 3rd, 2011

Günther’s caps were the last trade in march.

I have now finished a total of 22 trades at the end of march.

Thanks for trading

A great week – 5 trades finished in three days.

März 9th, 2011

This week starts really great.

On monday I got the package from Roberto, Russia,

On tuesday I got three packages:

  • Bartosz, Poland
  • Mikolaj, Poland
  • Ditty, Netherlands

Today I got the package from Scott, USA.

Thanks to all of you for the great bottle cap trades


Thanks to Cesar Augusto from Brasil

März 2nd, 2011

Yesterday I got a nice small package from Cesar Augusto from Brasil.

A nice small trade.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks to Andrey from Russia for our bottle cap trade

März 1st, 2011

Yesterday I got the caps from Andrey from Russia. They needed a little longer for their journey but they had a nice sticker from the customs office on the envelope.

So I have a total trade count of 15 trades at the end of february.